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25. srpna 2013 v 21:25 | Vallo Ladislav |  KONTAKT

Pedestal are individual creation and the results of experiment
combining wood and their different shapes and natural decay.
These pedestals are indicated by letters and numbers with
which to inspire you in creating a possibility
to create models and dioramas.
If you would like to know more about the shapes, the possibilities and production these pedestals.
You can contact us via email: VALLO.L @ seznam.cz
or on the phone 420 724 411 506
Czech republic region Schlesien


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1 Valhalla Valhalla | E-mail | 26. srpna 2013 v 12:51 | Reagovat


I run a figure modelling shop in Poland, Katowice:

I'm interested in buying pedestals for later resale in my shop. I'm interested in no.: 7205, 7207-7214, 7229, 7230, 7234, 7235, 7241, 7244
Can you send me your wholesale prices?

Best regads
Paweł Surowiec

2 Klaus Schwarz Klaus Schwarz | E-mail | 15. března 2014 v 16:15 | Reagovat

Hello, I spoke to you at the Vienna Model show, and I would require a wooden base of 67cm Length and 34cm width for a racing car model. 67cm x 34cm top (TOP) surface PLUS Bottom (Frame).. cm ?? maybe 4cm high (thick) .The style 7253 or 7252. walnut colour,delivery to Vienna, Austria. thank you, Klaus.

3 Hubert Hubert | E-mail | 11. února 2018 v 22:04 | Reagovat

Hello friend,
I am interested to buy wooden bases with shipping to Poland. Can I send my order?
Best Regards,

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